AI for Autonomous Bug Fixing

Get a fix before you know there's a bug

Instantly diagnose and automatically resolve errors based on stack trace data. Connect your error logs and fix issues in real time.

AI-powered bug prioritization

Know which issues matter, and which ones don't. Goast analyzes issues as they come in and determines whether they’re critical or ignorable, then generates a fix if necessary.

Auto-generated PRs that describe each fix

Goast automatically submits a pull request for each fix that is generated, and includes a detailed description of the changes made.

Works with popular frameworks and languages

Goast supports most major frameworks and languages including React, Flutter, TypeScript, Go, JavaScript, Python, and many more.

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How It Works


Goast ingests your error data

We integrate with the most popular error monitoring services so when an exception, error, or crash happens, Goast will know immediately.


Then automatically generates a fix in real time

Based on the error's stack trace and context gathered from your project, Goast generates an accurate fix that you can view, edit, and commit.


And Submits a PR for review

Get fixes pushed directly to your GitHub repositories, reducing costly downtime and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Take for a spin

Put your crash log on autopilot. Start a Free 30-Day Trial and generate 3 fixes for free. No credit card needed.

Pay Per Fix

Only pay for fixes that work.

Pay Per Fix

For small and medium sized teams

100 per fix
  •   Usage-based pricing
  •   Only pay for fixes that work
  •   Real-time error fixing
High Usage

For enterprise customers

75 per fix*
  •   Usage-based pricing
  •   Only pay for fixes that work
  •   Real-time error fixing
  •   Batch process old errors
  •   Custom integrations

*Minimum spend required

See It In Action

What we're hearing

"This is the automation tool that I've been looking for throughout this recent explosion of AI-powered software"

Dylan B. / CEO

“The fact that it gives solutions that might have changes in multiple files really blew my mind.“

Mackenzie T. / Engineering Mngr

"Very cool. This seems both useful and tractable... where the automation can save the developer a lot of time."

Marc L. / CTO

“I was skeptical about this tool considering the other AI tools that are already on the market, but this one solves hard problems for me more often than not."

Ivan S. / Dev Ops

"This was a genuine time saver for my team and a freaking huge win from my perspective."

J.L. S. / CTO

No f***king way! You just automated a junior developer. 

Chase C. / DevOps

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What models/LLMs does use?
Why does need access to my project's codebase?
How do you use my data?
What sorts of errors and exceptions can solve?
What if my stack trace is obfuscated?
Is there an on-prem version?