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Instantly resolve errors & exceptions with the help of a 24-hour, on-call AI assistant

Goast was built to help your engineering team fix bugs faster. Whether in staging or production environments, dealing with issues from your error log is time consuming and tedious. Let Goast handle your team's most annoying task, fixing bugs.

Resolve Issues Faster


Faster time-to-resolution
Get Accurate Fixes


Merge rate of pull requests


Get a fix before you know there's an issue

Goast sends your team bug fixes in real time and can analyze and resolve errors much faster than a human engineer.

Find the root cause of the problem, instantly

Avoid sending your engineering team down rabbit holes looking for answers. Goast can pinpoint the root cause of an error in seconds.

Triage based on impact & severity

Set impact and severity thresholds that trigger Goast to generate a fix. Automate your bug fixing process and give time back to your engineering team.

Iterate PR's via feedback

Ask Goast to make a change and update a pull request by commenting your feedback, just like a human engineer.

Access Goast from anywhere

Tag @goast-ai from wherever you work, whether that's Slack, Github, or within your error monitoring platform.  


How it works

Goast watches your error monitoring platform and analyzes issues as they come in. You can then prompt Goast to preform a root cause analysis, generate a step-by-step solution plan, generate context-aware code, and push the fix as a PR for your dev team to review and iterate on.

Connect your error tracker

Goast integrates with the most popular observability tools including Sentry, Datadog, BugSnag, and Google Cloud.

Ask Goast to fix issues

As issues come in, your on-call engineer can can work with Goast to pin point the exact cause and generate a solution. Chat with Goast in Slack, your git provider, or within our web app.

Get PR's sent to your repos

Goast integrates with your git provider to submit and iterate on pull requests. Goast will request a human review and respond to feedback from your dev team.

Works with popular frameworks & languages

Goast supports most major frameworks and languages including React, Flutter, TypeScript, Go, JavaScript, Python, and more.

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See it in action

Check out these examples of Goast fixing errors and iterating solutions.



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What we're hearing

Check out what our users are saying about their experience with Goast.

This was a genuine time saver for my team and a freaking huge win from my perspective.
John Louis S.
Holy s**t! You basically automated a junior developer. Love this!
Chase C.
The fact that it makes changes across multiple files really blew my mind.
Mackenzie T.


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